Boost your online presence with a .name domain

The .name domain name extension is a generic top-level domain (gTLD) in the Domain Name System of the Internet. It is intended for use by individuals for representation of their personal name, nicknames, screen names, pseudonyms, or other types of identification labels. The .name TLD was introduced in January 2002 by the Global Name Registry, as a space for individuals to create a unique online identity that could be separate from their professional or business affiliations.

Unlike other gTLDs, .name domain names can be registered at the second level ( and the third level ( This flexibility allows users to create a domain name that closely matches their real name or pseudonym. The .name domain extension is also unique in that it allows for email forwarding addresses to be created from the domain, even if a website has not been set up.

While the .name extension was originally designed for personal use, there are no restrictions on who can register a .name domain, and it can be used for other purposes as well. Many businesses, organizations, and individuals have registered .name domains for various reasons, including branding, email, and personal websites. However, it's important to note that the .name extension is less recognized and used than more common extensions like .com or .org, which could potentially impact the visibility and credibility of a .name website.

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Personalized Digital Identity

A .NAME domain provides a personalised online identity, ideal for individuals, freelancers, or small businesses seeking a unique web presence.

Boosting Online Credibility

It enhances credibility and professionalism, making it easier for clients or potential employers to find and trust your online portfolio or CV.

NAME Domain Advantage

The .NAME domain is less crowded, increasing the likelihood of securing your preferred domain name, thus improving brand recognition and visibility.

Discover the Benefits of a .name Domain with SmartHost

At SmartHost, we understand the importance of a unique and personalised online presence. That's why we're excited to offer our customers the opportunity to register a .name domain. This domain extension is perfect for individuals who want to establish a personal brand online, and here's why.

Personalisation and Branding

With a .name domain, you can create a digital space that truly reflects who you are. It's an excellent choice for freelancers, artists, writers, and professionals who want to stand out from the crowd. It's also a great way to make your email address more memorable and professional.


Unlike .com or .net, .name is a relatively new domain extension. This means there's a higher chance of getting the domain name you really want. No need to compromise or add unnecessary numbers or hyphens.

SEO Benefits

While .name domains are primarily for personal use, they can also have SEO benefits. Search engines like Google value relevance and uniqueness. A .name domain can help you stand out and potentially rank higher in search results.

Why Choose SmartHost for Your .name Domain?

At SmartHost, we make the process of registering a .name domain simple and hassle-free. Our team is always on hand to provide expert advice and support. Plus, we offer competitive pricing and a range of additional services to help you make the most of your new domain.

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Benefits of Registering a .name Domain

  • Personal branding and online identity
  • Easy to remember and share
  • Enhanced professionalism and credibility
  • Separate personal and professional online presence
  • Global recognition and uniqueness

Popular Websites using .name

List of 5 possible website names that could use the .name domain extension:

1. **** - A website where users can create personalized family profiles, share stories, and connect with relatives. 2. **** - An online community for pet owners to share tips, stories, and find resources for their beloved furry friends. 3. **** - A blog featuring culinary explorations, restaurant reviews, and recipes for food enthusiasts and passionate home cooks. 4. **** - A platform where industry experts offer career advice, mentorship, and guidance to help individuals excel in their professional lives. 5. **** - A website where globetrotters can document their travel experiences, share itineraries, and inspire others to explore the world.

Restrictions on registering a .name Domain

The .name domain extension is specifically designed for individuals who want to have a personal space on the internet. It's ideal for personal blogs, portfolios, and personal brand websites. However, there are certain restrictions for registering a .name domain. The registrant must be a natural person and not a company or organization. Also, the domain name must correspond to the personal name or pseudonym of the registrant. It can also be a combination of the first name and surname. It's important to note that the use of the .name domain for purposes that are not related to the individual's personal identity is not allowed.

Frequently Asked Questions about .name Domains

What is the .name domain extension used for?

The .name domain extension is primarily used for personal websites. It's designed for individuals who want to have a domain that represents their personal name.

Can anyone register a .name domain?

Yes, anyone can register a .name domain. There are no restrictions on who can purchase and use a .name domain.

Is the .name domain extension popular?

While it's not as popular as .com or .net, the .name domain extension is still widely used, especially by individuals who want a personal online presence.

Can I use a .name domain for a business website?

While it's primarily intended for personal use, there's nothing stopping you from using a .name domain for a business. However, it might not be as immediately recognizable to customers as a .com or .net domain.

How much does a .name domain typically cost?

The cost of a .name domain can vary depending on the registrar you choose, but it's generally comparable to other top-level domains. You can expect to pay around $10 to $40 per year.

Can I transfer my .name domain to another registrar?

While it's not as popular as .com or .net, the .name domain extension is still widely used, especially by individuals who want a personal online presence.

Are there any special requirements for registering a .name domain?

No, there are no special requirements for registering a .name domain. You don't need to prove that the domain matches your legal name or anything like that. As long as the domain you want is available, you can register it.