SmartHost Brand Guidelines & Assets 

At SmartHost, we believe in maintaining a cohesive and professional brand identity. This guide serves as your comprehensive resource for understanding and utilizing our brand assets correctly. Whether you’re a partner, affiliate, or team member, these guidelines will ensure you represent SmartHost accurately and effectively.

Why Our Brand Guidelines Matter

Consistency is Key

Our brand is more than just a logo or color scheme. It’s a representation of our values, our services, and our commitment to excellence in web hosting and WordPress support. By adhering to these guidelines, you help maintain the integrity and consistency of our brand image, which is crucial in building trust and recognition among our clients and partners in Ireland.

The SmartHost Logo

Our Logo

The SmartHost Emblem of Trust

  1. Usage: Our logo is a symbol of quality and reliability. Please use it wisely and respectfully.
  2. Do’s and Don’ts: Always maintain the logo’s proportions and clarity. Do not alter its colours or design.
  3. Formats Available: High-resolution images are available in various formats for web and print use.

SmartHost Brand Colours

Logo Colours

A Palette Reflecting Our Professionalism

Our chosen colors convey professionalism and innovation. Please use the specified color codes for consistency across all mediums.

Primary Colors

SmartHost Teal

RGB 55/150/130
CMYK 77/21/57/3

SmartHost Black

RGB 40/40/40
CMYK 71/65/64/68

Secondary Colours

RGB 240/154/160
CMYK 2/48/24/0

RGB 250/248/132
CMYK 5/0/58/0

RGB 182/232/142
CMYK 30/0/58/0

RGB 163/188/232
CMYK 34/19/0/0

RGB 235/174/131
CMYK 6/35/51/0

RGB 205/187/238
CMYK 18/27/0/0

The SmartHost Brand Name

“SmartHost” is one word, spelled with a capital “S” and а capital “H”. We will appreciate you taking this into consideration whenever using the SmartHost brand name.

Usage Guidelines

The SmartHost name is proprietary and protected under intellectual property laws.

Please don’t display our brand in a way that implies a relationship, affiliation, or endorsement by SmartHost to your product, service, or business.

Please avoid merging the SmartHost brand with other logos or graphics unless you have received explicit written permission from SmartHost

Please don’t alter these files in any way. Do not change the design, scale, or colour of the SmartHost marks without our written consent.

Please don’t use our brand in any way that confuses SmartHost with another brand.

Please don’t use the SmartHost brand as part of your own product, business, or service’s name.

Please only use the SmartHost logo versions uploaded on this page, and only the colour versions specified here.