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In today’s digital era, where the internet serves as the bridge to global commerce and communication, your domain name acts as your digital address. One of the key components in establishing an online presence is through domain registration. And for those seeking a real connection with Ireland, the .ie domain is perfect for you.

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Can anyone Register An IE Domain Name?

Absolutely! However, to maintain the authenticity and sanctity of the ie domain name system, a genuine connection to Ireland is essential. It’s a managed system to ensure only those with a real association with the Emerald Isle get to register under the prestigious .ie domain.

.IE Domain Registration from SmartHost

At SmartHost, we are more than just a hosting company. We are a fully accredited domain registrar with the IE domain registry. We are one of the few companies that facilitate swift and straightforward domain registrations, making the application process a breeze. Plus, for a limited time, we are offering a significant discount, allowing potential customers to legally register their perfect domain name for only €4.99 ex VAT, a drastic reduction from the usual €19.99.

Note: For those looking to transfer their IE domains or renew them, the standard rate of €19.99 applies.

Why Choose an IE Domain?

Local Trust: An .ie domain speaks directly to Irish consumers, signifying a local presence and a commitment to the country. This can foster trust, especially for online transactions.

SEO Advantages: Domains registered with the .ie suffix are more likely to rank higher on Google searches made within Ireland, driving more local traffic to your website.

Uniqueness: Unlike .com or domains, an .ie domain signifies a specific link to Ireland, setting your business apart in the vast domain name landscape.

While .ie domains resonate with Irish ties, it’s essential to be aware of other popular Top-Level Domains (TLDs) like .com, .org, and .uk domains. Each TLD offers unique advantages and can cater to different business needs.

Online Advantages To A .ie Domain Registration

Having an .ie domain offers businesses distinct benefits. Apart from the immediate recognition and trust, businesses with .ie domains often see better online conversions. Additionally, having an accredited registrar like SmartHost ensures a smooth domain transfer key process, minimising any potential hiccups.

Be Found Online

With countless domain names registered daily, ensuring your business stands out is crucial. By opting for the .ie domain, you not only forge a genuine bond with Ireland, but you also seamlessly convey to Irish consumers your status as a trustworthy registered business. Furthermore, regardless of whether you’re a registered charity, a government entity, or a duly incorporated company, SmartHost consistently assists in making certain you’re prominently visible online to your target audience.

SmartHost is a fully accredited domain registrar

With our deep-rooted connection with the ie domain registry, SmartHost proudly stands as a fully authorised and accredited registrar. Not only do we ensure seamless domain registrations, but we also assist with domain transfers from your existing provider. We are committed to providing premium services and ensuring that your desired domain name, be it a company name or a brand, is accessible and achievable.

How To Register:

Connection to Ireland: As per the rules of the IE domain registry, applicants must demonstrate a genuine connection to Ireland.

First-come, first-served

Applications are processed on this basis, and once submitted, the domain name is reserved for 27 days.

Express Registration Process

If you’re a returning customer with SmartHost or a company with an active CRO company number, enjoy our express registration process.

Supporting documentation

Typically, just one document is needed to verify identity and connection to Ireland. Options range from an Irish passport to a Public Services Card. Please ensure to use our Document uploader or simply email them to your Registrar.


A .IE domain offers businesses a prime opportunity to establish a strong online presence in Ireland. With SmartHost’s unparalleled domain registration services, now is the perfect time to register or transfer your domain and take advantage of our offer price. Connect with us today and secure your ideal .ie domain name.

FAQ: Your Queries Answered

Why Register An IE Domain With SmartHost?

At SmartHost, we pride ourselves on being more than just another hosting company. We’re a fully authorised and accredited registrar, offering a seamless registration process for our clients. With our ongoing promotional offer, you can register your desired .ie domain name at a fraction of the regular price. Our embedded voucher codes further ensure that you get the best value for your investment. Plus, our dedicated team is always ready to assist you throughout your domain name registration journey.

I’m a sole trader – what documents do I need?

For sole traders wishing to establish a connection with Ireland, any ONE of the following will suffice:

  • RBN/CRO number.

  • VAT number (for those registered in Republic of Ireland / Northern Ireland).

  • Tax clearance certificate from Ireland’s Revenue Commissioners or other correspondence from them showing your VAT number.

Can I transfer my IE domain registration to SmartHost?

Absolutely! At SmartHost, we facilitate domain name transfers ensuring that the transition from your existing provider is as smooth as possible. Remember, for domain name transfers, the standard fee of €19.99 applies.

Do you accept photos of documents sent using a phone?

Yes, we do. You can quickly ‘snap and send’ photos of your supporting documentation from your phone. You can either use our Document uploader or directly email them to your Registrar for convenience.

How do you register a .ie for a business?

For companies with an active CRO number, we have an express registration process. Just select the ‘Company’ application type, enter your CRO number in the designated field, and ensure the Registrant name is entered correctly. We strive to make the registration process as hassle-free as possible for our clients.

I want to register a .ie for myself – what do I need?

  • Individuals wishing to establish a personal connection with Ireland can provide any ONE of the following documents:

  • Irish Passport.

  • Irish/UK driver’s licence (with an address in the island of Ireland).

  • Irish/Northern Irish bank statement (with an address in the island of Ireland).

  • Official College ID from an educational institution recognised by the Department of Education.

  • Public Services Card issued by the Department of Social Protection.

Can I register a .ie domain name with a fada?

Yes, you can! Recognising the cultural and linguistic significance of the Irish language, the IE registry allows registration of domain names with fadas on the vowels.