Introducing the Free SmartHost SMS Notification services

A screenshot of a design featuring text and graphics advertises a free SMS notification service.

Discover SmartHost’s Complimentary SMS Notification Service

At SmartHost, we’ve always driven ourselves to deliver unrivalled web hosting and domain registration experiences. Recognising the evolving needs of our users, we’re taking another stride forward with our latest innovative feature: the SmartHost SMS Notification System.

Directly from your control panel, this service lets you tap into real-time mobile alerts, seamlessly connecting you to your account activities, invoice updates, order status shifts, impending domain renewals, and so much more.

Spanning a massive reach across 210+ countries, our SMS notification service not only keeps you updated but does so on a global scale. Stay ahead with:

  • Immediate Invoice Alerts
  • Timely Domain Expiry Warnings
  • Prompt Order Configurations
  • Swift Account Detail Revisions
  • Special SmartHost Deal Alerts

Our service stands out, especially with its user-driven adaptability. You’re in the driver’s seat, customising the alerts you want. Avoid clutter with irrelevant texts: choose to get notifications about new invoices or other specific updates. With easy-to-adjust settings, you decide what information graces your inbox. Although our system respects your peace by default, opting in allows you to harness its full potential.

To avail of this SMS service, navigate to the SmartHost Customer Portal ( ‘Account Details -> SMS Notifications’ within the SmartHost Client Hub. Input your mobile number, set your ideal timings for alerts, and elevate your hosting experience.

We’re confident this feature will help improve your hosting experience with SmartHost.