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Eligibility Requirements for .ie Domains

Registering a .ie domain comes with specific eligibility criteria to ensure its unique connection to Ireland. This article outlines the various requirements you need to meet for a .ie domain registration through SmartHost.

See our .IE Domains web page for full details on how to register a .IE domain name

Who Can Register a .ie Domain?

.ie domains are specifically for individuals and organizations that have a legitimate connection to Ireland. This could range from businesses operating in Ireland to Irish citizens living abroad.

Basic Requirements

For Individuals

  • Proof of Identity: A copy of a valid passport or driver’s license.
  • Connection to Ireland: Proof could range from a utility bill with an Irish address to evidence of Irish citizenship.

For Businesses and Organizations

  • Registered Business Number: For companies registered in Ireland.
  • Proof of Trading: A VAT number or tax registration could serve as evidence.
  • Connection to Ireland: A physical address, proof of trade within Ireland, or corporate documentation showing Irish association.

Types of .ie Domains

  • Personal Name Domains: For individual registrants using their own name.
  • Corporate Name Domains: For registered companies and businesses.
  • Generic .ie Domains: For other organizations or business ventures.
  • Community .ie Domains: For registered charities and non-profit organizations.

Documentation and Verification

Once you submit your .ie domain application with SmartHost, you may be asked to provide additional documentation for verification. Failure to comply within the stipulated period could lead to the domain application being cancelled.

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