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What are the SmartHost Nameservers?

Nameservers play a crucial role in directing traffic to your hosting account. This article explains the SmartHost nameservers you should use to ensure your domain properly connects to our hosting services.

What are the SmartHost Nameservers

For a seamless connection to our hosting services, please point your domain to the following SmartHost nameservers:

  • ns1.smarthost.ie
  • ns2.smarthost.ie

Domains Registered Through SmartHost

If you have registered your domain through SmartHost, the nameservers will already be set to:

  • ns1.smarthost.ie
  • ns2.smarthost.ie

However, you can easily update these nameservers in your SmartHost customer portal if required (for example if you are using another hosting provider to host your website and email).

What Are Nameservers?

Nameservers are specialised servers that handle queries from computers about the location of a domain or subdomain. They are essential for directing traffic to the right hosting account on the web server.

How to Update Your Nameservers

  1. Log in to your domain registrar’s control panel: This could be SmartHost or another service like Letshost, Blacknight, hosting Ireland, Godaddy, etc. Click here to access the Smarthost customer portal.
  2. Navigate to Domain Management: Look for the section where you can change or update nameservers. In the SmartHost Customer Portal, you can manage your domains by selecting the Domains menu, once you have logged in.
  3. Enter SmartHost Nameservers: Replace the existing nameservers with SmartHost’s nameservers listed above.
  4. Save Changes: Make sure to save any changes before exiting.

Propagation Time

It usually takes between 24 to 48 hours for nameserver changes to propagate across the Internet. During this period, your site may experience some downtime.

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